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Here are some ideas for what you might like to talk about:

  • What made you want to become a Walsh University preceptor? Did you have a positive experience with your preceptor while getting your degree?
  • What makes being a preceptor for nursing students at Walsh University so rewarding?
  • What qualities create a great learning environment? Provide any examples or context around professional development, confidence, socialization, etc.
  • Why is precepting important?
  • How have your students interacted with you to learn and obtain feedback to ensure success in this profession?
  • How was the overall precepting experience with Walsh University? Are there certain tools, resources or real-world situations that elevated the experience?

At the start of the video, please be sure to say your name, job title, organization, and the program at Walsh University your student was completing. Please don't say the full student name for privacy reasons. Don't worry, you'll be able to review your video before submitting. Here are some tips for creating a great video:

  • You MUST use Chrome to record
  • Make sure the webcam is eye-level and you're in center of the frame
  • Use a light source on either side of your webcam to reduce shadows
  • Clear your background so it's not too distracting
  • Have fun!