Message from the President


On behalf of our 300 faculty and staff and our 2,600 students, welcome to Walsh University!

Our vision points us to become that leading Catholic university known globally for inspiring other to pursue ingenious practices that serve the common good … as we model behavior that is reflected in our 16,000+ graduates and those that will follow in their footsteps as alumni!

We are passionate in our effort to prepare our students not for a just a job or a just a career – but also for a purposeful and happy life.

We are committed to the charism that our Founders - the Brothers of Christian Instruction – left to us as we view your higher education as our sole mission.

We know our graduates will need the skills to think critically, communicate effectively, be comfortable with ambiguity, and solve complex problems creatively – and so a Walsh education includes a strong liberal arts and sciences core curriculum along with a meaningful major program of study.

As a distinctive Catholic university of national prominence, we are committed to providing a values-based education that encourages all students to become men and women in service to others - building the nation’s next generation of leaders for our families, our communities, and our businesses.

The Catholic whole-person approach blends emotional, intellectual, moral, physical, and social education assuring our students receive expert preparation in a chosen profession, as well as preparing them for all the changes that life will bring to all of us.

The path of higher education is only made tougher by the decision of which institution to attend. The “Walsh Experience” is an approach that will set your course for the rest of your life. Walsh University understands the commitment our students are making to better themselves and is equally committed to ensuring student success and the well-being of everyone in the community.

This is a place Where You Matter – with your name rather than a number.

For those considering the pursuit of your educational goal with us … I encourage you to explore the website and then come and meet us so we can meet you. You will find it to be your home away from home with the most dedicated and caring people on the planet. A campus energized by the power of pursuing a mission that is focused on helping others to take their place in the world. I cannot wait to personally welcome you to Cav Nation!