Nursing Licensure Information

Walsh University is a member institution of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA). As a member institution, Walsh is authorized to deliver distance education courses and programs in all NC-SARA member states. For more information about state authorization for distance education, please visit

If you live in a geographical area that is served by one of the programs, you may apply for our online nursing programs. Please see below for a list of states in which we accept nursing program applicants.

Online Licensure Information

The university has reviewed the educational requirements for licensure and indicated below whether or not the programs meets, does not meet or has not determined if the program meets the educational requirements in the table below.  However, states often require additional items for licensure including, but not limited to: background check, letters of reference, continuing education and certification examinations.  The state requirements are subject to change at any time based on the state’s discretion.  The university encourages students to verify the current requirements with the state directly and routinely check for updates.

Licensure Status
State Licensure Information
Alabama undetermined Alabama Licensure Info
Alaska undetermined Alaska Licensure Info
Arizona undetermined Arizona Licensure Info
Arkansas undetermined Arkansas Licensure Info
California undetermined Califorina Licensure Info
Colorado meets Colorado Licensure Info
Connecticut meets Connecticut Licensure Info
D.C. undetermined D.C. Licensure Info
Delaware meets Delaware Licensure Info
Florida undetermined Florida Licensure Info
Georgia undetermined Georgia Licensure Info
Hawaii undetermined Hawaii Licensure Info
Idaho undetermined Idaho Licensure Info
Illinois meets Illinois Licensure Info
Indiana meets Indiana Licensure Info
Iowa meets Iowa Licensure Info
Kansas meets Kansas Licensure Info
Kentucky meets Kentucky Licensure Info
Louisiana undetermined Louisiana Licensure Info
Maine meets Maine Licensure Info
Maryland meets Maryland Licensure Info
Massachusetts meets Massachusetts Licensure Info
Michigan meets Michigan Licensure Info
Minnesota undetermined Minnesota Licensure Info
Mississippi meets Mississippi Licensure Info
Missouri undetermined Missouri Licensure Info
Nebraska undetermined Nebraska Licensure Info
Nevada undetermined Nevada Licensure Info
New Hampshire undetermined New Hampshire Licensure Info
New Jersey undetermined New Jersey Licensure Info
New Mexico meets New Mexico Licensure Info
New York undetermined New York Licensure Info
North Carolina meets North Carolina Licensure Info
North Dakota undetermined North Dakota Licensure Info
Ohio meets Ohio Licensure Info
Oklahoma undetermined Oklahoma Licensure Info
Oregon undetermined Oregon Licensure Info
Pennsylvania meets Pennsylvania Licensure Info
Rhode Island undetermined Rhode Island Licensure Info
South Carolina undetermined South Carolina Licensure Info
South Dakota undetermined South Dakota Licensure Info
Tennessee undetermined Tennessee Licensure Info
Texas meets Texas Licensure Info
Utah undetermined Utah Licensure Info
Vermont meets Vermont Licensure Info
Virginia meets Virginia Licensure Info
Washington undetermined Washington Licensure Info
West Virginia meets West Virginia Licensure Info
Wisconsin undetermined Wisconsin Licensure Info
Wyoming undetermined Wyoming Licensure Info

You may also visit the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) website for more information on individual state licensure requirements.

While Walsh University can provide initial guidance, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to continually check the state where you intend to seek licensure and to confirm all licensing or certification requirements. Some states will require additional licensure requirements which could include an application, post-graduate examinations, background checks, licensing fees, etc.

Licensing board contact information is provided for each state and program above. Please contact your program advisor with any further questions.